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Do You Have Enough Water Should an Emergency Kit You When Camping?

If you love camping, you know that nothing will stop you from going for your holiday. However, you are worried about water (every traveler is), because you know that no matter how much you carry, it will eventually run out! Camping is a very thirsty experience and the thought of being so far from home makes you even thirstier.

However, I have a solution for you, a solution that will allow you to travel light, maybe carry more food because believe it or not, you will not need to bring much water with you. Order your own portable water filtration bottle today. You will find water wherever you are going on your holiday and I will tell you about this special portable water filter that is produced in Australia.

This product has revolutionized the travel industry in that travelers can now carry their own portable water filtration means, and not just any water filter, but a state-of-the-art, tried and tested, proven and patented 3-step water filtration technology that:

  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminates odors
  • Eliminates heavy metals
  • Filters water from any source

But it is not only about water, is it? When planning your camping trip, one of the foremost considerations is the survival kit because emergencies do happen when they are least expected. Make sure that the first thing to go into your emergency kit is a portable water filter bottle. With this bottle, you are assured of drinking clean water always, anywhere.

The GoFreshWater standard portable water filter bottle is the camping water filter that is preferred by holidaymakers and campers. You should order one today as well!  Enjoy the freedom to drink clean water every day of your life – water that can be filtered and purified from any source.

Unless you are cuckoo, you know that you should never leave home for a camping trip without an emergency kit containing in your emergency essentials and one of the main considerations is aa water filter system, like the GoFreshWater portable water purifier. In this kit, make sure that the water filter bottle is the first to go in. You can just order yours online. This bottle has been made to last. You will have it for a long time!

It is every outdoor enthusiast’s wish that their camping experience be smooth and memorable. There is no better way to make this possible than by being well-prepared for any potential emergency disasters that can ensue in the course of camping. Of course, you never want to be trapped at a remote location, but it will be so much worse if you realize that you don’t have the survival essentials that you need.

Kettle Boiling Water

How are you going to make it until the time when help eventually arrives?

You must always remember that even the most enjoyable camping experience can turn sour within minutes, especially when unexpected disasters occur and you are not well equipped to deal with the situation.

Ever heard of a heat wave? It can wipe you out in seconds… but not when armed with GoFreshWater!

Weather conditions are becoming increasingly unpredictable nowadays, in part due to the global warming phenomenon. Currently, in most parts of US, Asia, Australia, abd Europe a heat wave has become a common occurrence – taking several lives. What this means is that your favorite camping spot can be within the heat wave range. But this should not in any way be a reason for the termination of your camping plans. We are born to explore and we love adventure!

In fact, what you will need to do to combat the dangers of heat is to have a constant supply of clean and safe water. Water is more important than food. You do not need to carry around a tank full of water, which would be totally unrealistic. What you should do, instead, is go light and smart by purchasing the eco-friendly GoFreshWater standard portable water filter – the most trusted and highest quality water filter. That way, you can quickly filter and drink the water on site at the first sign of dehydration.

Why should you include GoFreshWater in your camping emergency kit?

The answer is simple: there are many unforeseeable dangers that may threaten the health of you or your loved ones. For instance, in the case of flash floods occurring while camping in a place with desert conditions, many campers will rush to drink any available water out of desperation for survival. What they fail to realize is that unpurified water can be just as deadly as the flash floods.

Harmful bacteria such as E.coli and parasites like cryptosporidium and E.coli can easily penetrate a person’s body system to cause fatal diseases such as cryptosporidiosis, giardia, and diarrhea.


Armed with this knowledge, you – on the other hand – have an opportunity to prevent such an outcome of emergency disasters by using the GoFreshWater water filter bottle. You can never trust bottled water, even more so if you are camping in underdeveloped countries far away from home. Bottled water can easily be contaminated by E.coli and other harmful viruses if they have even microscopic leakages. To ensure your safety, you ought to use the GoFreshWater standard portable water filter to purify any bottled water you may have carried with you on your hiking or hunting vacation.


Earthquakes: How to Survive until Rescue Arrives

Over the past decade, the occurrences of non-predictable earthquakes have risen tremendously in most parts of the globe where the tectonic plates meet. Many campers prefer camping in the vulnerable Asian and African countries due to the serenity of the environment as well as the beautiful hiking terrain. Yearly, millions go for mountain hiking trips in places like the Mount Everest. But what is worrying is that many of them are unprepared for the possible emergency disaster that may threaten to diminish their chances of survival.

When an earthquake strikes near mountainous regions, the tremors and shockwaves that result can bring down avalanches from the top of the mountain. Now, if you have hiked halfway to the top when the deadly event occurs, your chances of survival will be narrow. If you do survive the avalanche, drinking water will be crucial in keeping you alive until rescue arrives. How tragic would it be to survive such a dangerous occurrence only to later succumb to an E.coli-borne disease just because you drank contaminated mountain water in desperation in order to survive the emergency disaster! Avoid double tragedies by adding the GoFreshWater standard portable water filter to your emergency supplies list.

Update your list of emergency supplies HERE today!

Why should you always use the GoFreshWater products?

So what exactly sets the GoFreshWater bottle apart from the rest as the best camping water filter bottle to use during emergency disasters? There are countless answers to this question, but some of the reasons include the following:

  1. GoFreshWater has been thoroughly tested by the most respected quality standards professionals and has been found to satisfy or exceed all international standards regarding water purification. In addition, GoFreshWater’s elite teams of researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve the longevity of service of the filter water bottle.

  2. Unlike other BPA free water bottles, GoFreshWater has been designed using a non-chemical material. This alone should help to eliminate any fears and concerns that you as a user might have regarding the safety of the product.

  3. Because we hold dear the health and safety of our customers, GoFreshWater has been specifically and uniquely designed to employ the latest water purification technology, which involves three stages: The first stage filters the larger particles. The second stage totally eliminates any traces of E. coli and other viruses that contaminate the water. Lastly, the final stage clears the water of any unnatural taste and odors while neutralizing heavy metal traces.

  4. Finally, even after considering the technology employed and the funding for R&D efforts, the GoFreshWater standard portable water filter is remarkably affordable – more so than any other filter bottle in the market today! We have made it possible for virtually everyone to own this water filter, mainly because everybody deserves safe and clean water free from E. coli. Nobody should suffer from preventable diseases such as diarrhea or cryptosporidiosis. None at all should have to cut short their thrilling and adventurous camping vacation to spend some boring or painful time in a hospital bed.


In conclusion, you are now aware of the need for emergency disaster preparation, especially when camping. It is your responsibility to take that crucial initiative to order the GoFreshWater portable standard water filter HERE. You will be so grateful you did if you find yourself in a situation where the health of you or your loved ones is in danger.

“On March 28th last year there was a major earthquake here in Orange.  The infrastructure was damaged.  We were without electricity and water for 3 weeks.  I was so glad that I was able to clean my own water.   The Go-Pump worked so well.  It not only help my family, it help a few of my neighbors.  It really made a big difference.  I have been spreading the GoFreshWater word.”

Christine - Orange L.A.



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